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30 mars 2018

zakaria elmahdaoui


                                                    crèpe farine et  rapide


125 gr flour 



3'5 MILK

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Gateau au yaourt Ibrahim

                                                                          Cake yoghurt ( Ibrahim, Lilou)

Ingredients and quantities


1: one cup

2: one cup of yoghurt

3: three cups of flour

4: one cup of oil

5: two cups of sugar

6: one pack of baking powder

7: one pinch of salt




Step one : pour the yoghurt,the sugar, the flour and oil in bowl.

Step two : add a pinch of salt and the baking powder.

Step three : mix.

Step four: pour in a cake pan.

Step five : bake 20 minutes at 180°


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steep one : pour 3 pw in a bow

steep txo : add the flour ,sugar

steep three : a vanilla sugar ,2 eggs

steep four : and a mix add a cake pour

steep five : and balse 25 min termostat 180 °

gateau yaourte

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chocolate cake recipe arlinda and andreea


gateau chocolat


chocolate, sugar,flour, butter, 3 eggs, baking powder



bowl, cooking pan



- melt chocolate and butter, and simmer

- preheat the oven at 180° for 10 mn

- mix the baking powder with the flour, add sugar and eggs 

- add the chocolate  and  mix with the flour

- put the dough in a cooking pan

- bake 30 mn at 180°

enjoy !

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beignetS JEMI

step one :three eggs 




step two :300 grams to milk  

step three : 150 grams  to meltite butter 

step four : 750 grams to flour    

step five : 2 pack to baking powers                                                    recipe:beignets


step six : 60 grams caster sugar

step seven : 1 a pinch of salt

step heigth : 600 grams to oil

step nine : grams to ice cream 



































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crêpe Evan


1litre milk

500g flour


1pinch salts

3tablespoon oil

1 pack of vanilla

step1:add flour in the salad bowl

step2:add eggs

step3:pour milk

step4:mix the dough

step5:add oil


step7:leave for one hours,the dough is readycrepe


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the pancakes ( oceane et emma)



to make pancakes you need


two eggs,150 ml of milk

one teaspoon of vanilla,flourRésultat de recherche d'images pour "image de pancakes"

one teaspoon of beking pouder,2table spoons of sugar

one pinch of salt,butter or oil


1) in big bowl,mix the 2 yellow of the eggs and the milk and add of ingredient

2) beat the blanks in snow and them to the preparation

3) cooked in a small hot bottered pan 1 minute from each side

4) the edge must be golden and small bubbles must be formed on the pancakes is the time to return it


bon appetit :)

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Chocolate cake David


chocolate, sugar, ilour, butter, 3eggs, 1 bakeing, pouder,


1: melt the chocolate and butter

2: preheat the ovenat 180° for fomn

3: mix the baking pouder with the flour, add sugar and eggs

4: add chocolate and mix with the flour

5: put the mixhue in a cake pan

6:bake 30mg at 180°

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emma.t crepes



add 2 eggs . mix the dough ,pour the meldred butter .

add the milk and mix the dough in the fryng pan .

cook the crepes on each hide


flour ,125g



baking powder ,1/2

meldred butter

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crêpe recipe Oscar

Ingrédients:1/2 L milk3 eggs250 g flour2 tablespoons oil1 pinch salts2 tablespoon whater


Step 1:Add the flour in a salad bowl.Add the eggs.

Step 2:Add the oil,the salt and milk.Mix the dough with a spoon.

Step 3:Add the milk.

Step 4:Pour the dough in the pan.

Step 5:Cook on each side.


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